Key highlights from the first seven months of 2021: Between restarts, consolidations, and new beginnings

July 29, 2021
Luca Lisci
Daniela de Giorgi
Taira Colah

Dear colleagues, how much of a never-ending race has this first half of the year been for you? Our guess is a lot.

We, for our part, took a deep breath in January and started on our marathon.

Marathons, as we know, are a question of resistance, compensation and strategy. Being the good sprinters that we are, we also prepared mentally toundertake the long run.

So here we are, it’s late July, and it is time to assess how we have worked so far and to reflect on the direction we are headed in.


    On personal and collective growth

    Over the past few months we have continued to work on evolving and fine tuning our Data Thinking Framework – that’s our framework that combines the empathetic practices of Design Thinking with the more scientific practices of Data Science (we talked about it here where we told you about how we constructed and injected a data mindset into a well-known Fashion group).

    Data Thinking visualization, Bixuit 2021.

    Well, we didn’t stop there, quite the contrary. We are working continuously with determination on bringing our approach to business consulting inside and outside of our company.


    We tell you all about it in this blog post:

    • The Data Thinking approach in the end-to-end design of SIAE's public website
    • The "Work from Anywhere ReLab", our framework for cultivating business culture
    • What we are specializing and getting certified in 
    • The evolution of our framework into a certified course

    The Data Thinking approach in the end-to-end design of SIAE's public website

    Our Data Thinking Framework really took its first steps with SIAE, first with the design of the SIAE+ app and its Firebase set up and then with the design of SIAE's website.

    Snapshots of the app from the App Store. Also available on Google Play.

    We owe a lot to the experience of these now nearly three years with SIAE because they have given us the opportunity to test and improve our Data Thinking framework daily, giving us access to a significant amount of data to deal with.

    In the early stages of designing these services, we had access to qualitative and quantitative data that proved to be of enormous importance along the entire path from defining the Design Strategy to the design of the services themselves.

    As for, the implementation of the Data Thinking approach began immediately with the match between interviews with stakeholders and users and web analytics. In particular, the latter allowed us to bring to their attention the margin for improvement in terms of ROI that they could obtain from the redesign of their navigation flows.

    Site analysis in November 2020, Bixuit.

    The benefit we gained from the timely reading of this data led us to quickly determine with them, their priorities related to the user journey, their new content strategy, and what KPIs to monitor. All in a strategic-tactical approach that is the basis of the Data Thinking Framework.

    We therefore worked on improving the problematic navigation flow and integrating a SEO analysis of the site with the analysis of Google Analytics data. This latter action, highlighted the following:

    1.    Some pain points related to the correct use of performance monitoring tools

    2.   The most important content for indexing and positioning the portal on search engines, as well as the ideal structure of new content

    3.   The need to create a new information architecture that would bring to the fore what the user really needs.  

    Nodal analysis of the as-is website, Bixuit 2020.

    The success of the SIAE + app dedicated to Authors and Publishers - further confirmed by the admission of Spindox Bixuit to the ADI Design Index 2020 and the following candidacy for the Compasso d'Oro award in the Digital Services category, lead to multiple streams of work being launched on the digital ecosystem of this customer.

    In the End-to-End redesign of the portal, as well as for the SIAE +app, we also managed the entire content strategy and creation of micro-texts, with a view to efficiency and usability made possible by UX writing.

    The result obtained thanks to all these operations carried out, has allowed us, in a very short time, to create a new user experience with a reduction of pages from the current portal to the new one, exceeding 1,000 url.

    Still interested? Here’s some more!

    Below is another instance of the framework being applied, this time for an online bank.

    The “Work from Anywhere ReLab", our framework for cultivating business culture

    The dynamics of this period have rapidly impacted and transformed the way people connect and relate with one another. We found ourselves once again, challenged to find meaningful solutions to develop new business cultures.

    Over the last year and a half, apart from the way we work and live, the relational model between colleagues has also changed. Over this period, many guides have been published to help people approach remote work (here’s a great example: GitLab's getting started guide to working from home). We ourselves created and published ‘The Way of the Remote Bixuit’.

    The "Work from Anywhere ReLab" (WFA) is a framework we designed to engage people, and help them reconnect and achieve new levels of self-awareness, interpersonal skills and balance, within their company.

    WFA ReLab outcomes, Bixuit 2021.

    The Data Thinking approach here finds its expression in the facets of the cultural sphere of a company. Facets that must be observed and analyzed through different lenses, via structured conversations, asynchronous reflections, and collaborative tasks.

    The WFA ReLab roadmap, Bixuit 2021.

    A series of remotely held workshops, that rely on collaboration tools such as online collaborative white boards and digital conversation spaces, to name a few, intertwined with more ‘hybrid’ experiential elements in terms of touchpoints, tangible kits with useful physical objects and eventual certifications.

    We look forward to being able to reveal more about this highly sought-after framework, whose activities will officially begin in the next semester.

    What we are specializing in and certifying

    Always in step with the evolution of our Data Thinking Framework, we are advancing in a series of learning paths and certifications to ensure our working method continually becomes more and more robust. The goal of these training paths is to fully understand and master the topics within them and to identify what we can apply from them toward the enhancement of our framework.

    The certifications obtained so far relate to areas of performance monitoring, efficiency and project management. Specifically, Google Analytics Individual Qualifications, Lean Six Sigma Green Belts and Scrum  Master.

    To complete this first cycle of courses and certifications there will also be a UX Writing course with the aim to strengthen the synergy between UX and Content designers in the production of effective and usable micro-texts.  

    Internal learning program, Bixuit 2020-2021.

    The aim of these training initiatives has a threefold value:

    1.      Bringing an ever-higher level of quality to the customer

    2.      Cultivating excellence within the Tribe with a view to continuous improvement

    3.      Activation of a Knowledge Sharing stream within the Spindox group, issuing certifications.

    The evolution of the framework into a learning course with certification

    For us, knowledge acquires value only if it is shared. For this reason, together with the above initiatives we are working on bringing the Data Thinking approach to other companies.

    Data Thinking framework for running businesses, Bixuit 2021.


    The intention isto evolve the Data Thinking Framework into an Academy that will prepare you to face unexpected events, obstacles and change with flexibility, balance and speed, implementing sustainable growth.

    We will make available to companies that wish to undertake this path, our skills and our innovative framework to project them into the future, starting from the present.

    In the coming months we will be testing and fine-tuning these courses and certifications ourselves.

    In conclusion

    Twenty-twenty gave us a hard time but we were able to come away with only a few scratches. So far 2021 has been challenging but we have always done our best. 

    Between projects, pre-sales, competitions, awards, and a lot of training – we are working on consolidating our positioning. The marathon is still on, and we have a long way to go, but we are increasingly convinced of who we are and of the ethical and business values we embody.

    Looking forward to September and restarting all activities we wish you a good summer!


    Luca Lisci
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    Daniela de Giorgi
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    Taira Colah
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